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attractions that animate towns and cities throughout the year

Of particular interest to tourists are the numerous festivals, costume parades, tasting of typical products and other attractions that animate towns and cities throughout the year. Among the most internationally important are the manifestations during the carnival period of Oristano, where the emotive ceremonies of Sartiglia, Mamuthones and Mamoiada are among the most important in Europe, The fascinating tradition of the fires of Sant’Antonio is performed during winter (mid-January). A typical representation of local folklore is the Cavalcata sarda (the penultimate Sunday of May) at Sassari with thousands parading the city centre. Also on 1st May at Cagliari the Festa di Sant’Efisio is celebrated by a costume procession and Sardinian songs, in memory of the saint who saved the city from the plague. The Festival of the Redeemer at Nuoro (penultimate Sunday of August). The rural festivals are especially loved by Sardinians and are not to be missed by tourists. These are usually undertaken in the open around a religious building in the country, where besides the religious ritual, food is offered to all present as a gesture of companionship and enjoyment. The Easter processions are also well known among the religious festivals with their rituals of the deposition of Christ and his resurrection. A thrilling sight is the S’Ardia, the largest equestrian festival at Sèdilo, where two teams of horsemen compete for the opposing team’s flag. In June in the San Leonardo area, at Santu Lussurgiu, the moving Sardo Horse fair takes place. Among the mid-August Bank Holiday (ferragosto) festivals is the Sassarian arcinota festival of Candlesticks. Obviously, it is impossible to mention all the festivals, but each and every one, small or great, is of equal importance and interest, as there is a strong spirit of participation in keeping the ancient rites and traditions alive.

presepe di pane
presepe di pane
musica e ballo
musica e ballo
sa femina agabbadora
sa femina agabbadora

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