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Unmistakable to the palate, these wines conjure up images of their country of origin

The use of modern technology enables the islanders to compete internationally in the vine-growing and wine-making sector. Changes in the vine-growing structure and constant updating have brought Sardinia forward in leaps and bounds in production and marketing of high quality wines. Unmistakable to the palate, these wines conjure up images of their country of origin. The red Cannonau, produced throughout the island, the terrain of the central region being ideal, is possibly the wine that most represents the island.
Other red wine vines are mostly the Monica, probably originating from Spain, and in third place is the Carignano, produced in small specialist vineyards where they are grown espalier, or in the form of small trees. Among the white wines, Nuragus is certainly the most produced, particularly concentrating in the Cagliari and Oristano Provinces. Next follows Vermentino from the point of view of quality excels all white table wines, the docg of Gallura also being excellent. In the Oristano area the cultivation of the Vernaccia, which bears no resemblance to the national product of the same name, is especially concentrated. Three wines that are customarily served with Sardinian desserts are Malvasia, Nasco and Moscato. In addition to table and dessert wines, spumanti is being produced using the charmat method, further proof of the renewal and modernisation of the island’s viticulture.

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