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The main centre of the south west coast

The main centre of the south west coast of Cagliari Province, with an especially charming coastline called Costa del Sud (south coast), extending from Teulada Port to Cape Spartivento, with the Capo Malfatano promontory in the centre. This is splendid countryside that alternates between sheltered beaches and rocky coves topped by towers erected between the 16th and 17th centuries. The Porto Teulada inlet is enclosed by the Torre del Budello to the west and the Isola Rossa to the east. Today it is equipped for docking fishing boats and pleasure crafts.
Beyond Capo Spartivento is Lake Chia near to a sizeable beach of pink sand and dunes, from here a slight detour leads to a small promontory, dominated by the Torre di Chia. At the foot of the tower there are a few remains of the Phoenician-Punic town of Bithia, where you can catch sight of traces of the city wall, a few houses of a vast necropolis as well as a topheth. Following the state road No. 195, west of Teulada, for about 15 km from the coast brings you to the small town of Sant’Anna Arresi, which is centred in very attractive countryside and from here you can reach at the Porto Pino beach.
This locality, which takes its name from the vast pine forest of Aleppo, is itself huge, having numerous tourist and residential settlements, making it ideal holiday destination.
The narrow roads leading to Porto Pino (Corrumanciu Island) also separate Lake Meastrale and Is Brebeis (the sheep), both being part of a basin connected to the S. Caterina salt-pan. Another tourist centre is Porto Botte in the small gulf of Palamas where there are more ponds formed from the Palmas stream, which contain an abundance of fish.
This locality boasts beautiful long sunny beaches.
Another interesting excursion, about 21 km. From Teulada, would be to Santadi, where the Pani Loriga Fort, of Phoenician-Punic origin, stands high to the north west.
On the other hand, it is possible to visit the Is Suddas cave at nearby Mount Meana (236 m.)

teulada la spiaggia
teulada la spiaggia

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