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in the Gulf of Angels

About 30 km. From Cagliari, in the Gulf of Angels, Pula stands on the site of the ancient Phoenician settlement of Nora (9th-8th century B.C.), including a large area of the Sulcitan mountains to the north, with the public forest of Pixinamanna. At the archaeological site there are some prized examples of mosaic floors of houses of the nobility, ruins of baths (Levante, Centrali, Piccole and A Mare), temples and above all a small theatre (2nd Century A.D.) with the beautiful Torre di S. Efisio in the background. The site also includes sacred buildings, like the Alto Luogo del Tanit, the temple sanctuary of Eshmun-Aesculapius and the Canaan type sanctuary, built on chapels of the Phoenician-Punic epoch. The Fishermen Cooperative Aquarium is also in the vicinity. Near the ancient excavations stands the small Sant’Efisio Church concecrated in the 11th Century, which is the last stopping off place of the famous annual pilgrimage during the first part of May brings the faithful of the whole area to accompany the patron of Cagliari, St Efisio, to Nora. The Torre di Coltellazzo rises not far away, constructed in 1595. There is another tower, the San Maccario, that stands at Lake Nora, on the islet of the same name. North of Pula the Domu’e S’Orcu nuraghe can be found, whereas towards Cagliari the Villa d’Orrì, the ancient Savois residence, can be visited. The small peninsula called Capo di Pula is famous, above all among enthusiasts because it is marked by various seams of zeolite, calcite and quartz enclosed between the volcanic rocks, giving rise to sparkling crystals. Following the SS No 125, you reach the famous seaside resort of S. Margherita di Pula. A pine wood extends along the coast where a number of openings give access to the beautiful expanses of sand. Here there are the important and well-known tourist complexes, as well as the celebrated Is Molas golf course which stages national and international events.

fascino della Costa Sud
fascino della Costa Sud
Costa Sud veduta
Costa Sud veduta

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