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is in the region of Sàrrabus

This locality is in the region of Sàrrabus, near the river Flumendosa, and area especially dedicated to the production of citrus fruit. From ancient times it has been visited, being subjected to Pisan domination, then Aragonese (1324) and finally feudalism under Quirra until 1839. Of particular interest is the countryside distinguished by its rich flora resulting from its vicinity to the Lake of Colostrài., about 10 km. away, providing an ideal habitat for a large population of wildlife, including rare migratory species, such as the curlew.
A short distance from the centre the ruins of Castello di Gibas can be found and a little further on the Porto Corallo inlet dominated by an imposing tower. North towards Villaputzu there is one of the least populated areas of Sardinia, called Salto di Quirra, with a castle that guards the Flumini Dulci Valley. Not to be missed
is one of the most important examples of late Romanesque art of the island, the S. Nicola church, built in the 18th Century, to be found near the State road No. 125.
Muravea’s beautiful beaches can be reached by following the State Road 125 East Sardinia in a southerly direction. About 4 km. from the town is the large San Giovanni beach, followed by Torre Salinas beach, Foce del Flumendosa by the river of the same name and Porto Corallo beach. Other beaches are those of Feraxi, Portu S’Illixi and Colostrài, after which is Capo Ferrato. Continuing still further south the famous Costa Rei beaches begin, with their tourist centre that extends for 8 km. of coastline. For those who enjoy gazing at a splendid panorama it is advisable to climb Monte Ferru, forming part of the rocky area of Capo Ferrato. The view takes in the whole area of lakes and stretches of sea as far as the River Flumendosa

Muravera Costa Rei
Muravera Costa Rei

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4 Mori
Capo Ferrato
Le Dune
Porto Pirastu

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