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The present centre, originally built at the end of the 14th Century, was officially founded in August 1875, when 30 prisoners landed on the Cala Sinzias beach, lead by their Prison General Inspector. From that time until 1952 Castiadas was a penal colony. Today the edificio delle ex carceri (ex-prison buildings) are used as an attraction to hold a museum. Other structures are connected to it, such as the beautiful villa that housed the prison directors, in the park of which the annual August crafts and Sarrabus food market is held.
There are numerous opportunities to visit various places of interest, such as the nuraghic site of S’Omu ‘e s’Orcu, situated in the santa Giusta plain, behind the beach of the same name. The northern part of the coast is dominated by the Torre di Cala Pira, built by the Spanish in the 17th Century, close behind the beach. A semi-circular staircase leads to a large superintendent terrace of the tower. In a short distance from Da Castiadas towards the north, you reach the Sabadi locality, then skirting the Rio S’Ollastu, you arrive at the Arcu Pintau nuraghe from where a path leads to the S’Acqua Callenti Public Forest, amid dense vegetation, springs and waterfalls, it is possible to visit an ancient coal store, today used as a refuge. South of Castiadas, towards San Pietro, following the signs you reach Minniminni Forest where shady paths between oaks and evergreen oaks finally lead to Mount Minniminni (725 m.), along the route you come across an ex military colony detachment, as well as two important examples of marine pines, one planted by the prisoners on their arrival and the other on leaving the prison. At the top of the mountain you can enjoy the view of the incomparable scenery of the Castiadas, Villasimius coasts and the summits of the Seven Brothers.

Scorcio rurale
Scorcio rurale

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