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Less than an hour by car from Cagliari, following the beautiful coast road before arriving at Villasimius the countryside takes in more white beaches, coves and rocks. Opposite the isola dei Cavoli, Villasimius rises to the left of the Foxi stream which runs into the Golfo di Carbonara. A good 35 km. Of coast displayed from north to west, provides a variety of countryside that possibly has no equal in the world… Here the world stops as if imprinted in a perfect photograph. The natural heritage present in this locality is protected by the Area Marina of Capo Carbonara, including Isola dei Cavoli and Serpentara. Founded in 1812, the locality stands out in the sea of hypnotic colours, whose depths give other surprises, maybe even discovering an octopus’s den. The historic and cultural heritage, on the other hand, is kept in the equally interesting Archaeological Museum with ancient finds and works belonging to the Phoenician, Punic and Roman populations who inhabited this land. The Communal Library also has an important collection of 8,500 books, also ideal for foreign tourists as many of them are in English, German and French. Also worth a visit is the Centre of Experimental and Visual Art in the Municipal Building where contemporary works are kept, and the Church. What remains of the ancient defence system of the city is the Capo Boi Tower and the Old Fort (7th Century) that dominates the Capo Carbonara promontory. Since the 60’s Villasimius has intensified the development of the tourist industry by providing more facilities and services for tourists, especially near the famous Costa Rei. Throughout the day all along the coast there are locales to entertain guests. Numerous beaches include: Capo Boi cove, the little bay of Porto Sa Ruxi, the Campus beach, an area with ample facilities for tourists, Campu Longu beach, Riso beach, near the marina. Towards Capo Carbonara, an ancient fortress overlooks the Cala Caterina pink sand beach. Facing Capo Carbonara beach is Cavoli Island. Other beaches are Cala Usai and Cala Burroni. To the north west are the two seas beach, Porto Giunco, named after the pond behind it. To the north, close to Notteri pond is Timi Ama beach and Simius beach and 3 km. towards Costa Rei is Punta Is Molentis beach. An outstanding festival that animates Villasimius on the second Sunday of July is the festival of the Madonna del Naufrago. This takes place 11m. below the sea, by depositing crowns of flowers on the head of the statue of the Virgin, a work of Sardinian sculptor, Pinuccio Sciola.

villasimius magica
villasimius magica
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villasimius veduta

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