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Facing the Asinara Gulf, Porto Torres was founded in the 1st century B.C. by the Romans (Turris Libisonis) becoming later the capital town of the Giudicato del Logudoro, before Sassari (11th century). Its port is the most important of northern Sardinia, dominated by an impressive Aragonese tower of the 13th century. Of its ancient origins today thee are only the remains of the Roman thermes, called Palazzo di Re Barbaro, on via Ponte Romano and the noticeable Basilica di San Gavino, in romanic-pisan style, completed in 1111. Also important is the impressive roman bridge across Rio Mannu with its 7 arches dated back to the 1st century B.C.
Very beautiful the recent promenade built along the coastal road to Castelsardo, which from the centre arrives near Platarnona, after passing the pretty little Balai church.
We recommend a visit to Antiquarium Turritano, Which preserves findings from excavations of the ancient town.

Porto Torres le colonne
Porto Torres le colonne
Porto Torres la costa
Porto Torres la costa
Porto Torres la passeggiata
Porto Torres la passeggiata

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