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To the extreme north of the redion of Nurra, opposite Asinara, lies Stinto, a picturesque maritime village, among the most famous tourist sites of the island. It was founded in 1885 to house the inhabitants that were evicted from Asinara Island, which was to become a military colony. The village is well known for its crystal clear waters and for its two principal white fine sand beaches: La Pelosa and Le Saline, both dominated by Spanish towers. South of Stintino is Stagno di Casaraccio, an ideal place for those fond of wildlife. Until 1997 on Isola dell’Asinara there was a prison. Today this island belongs to the territory of Porto Torres, even if it is easier to reach from Stintino, from which it is separated only by a shallow strait.
There is only one road, 23 km. long, crossing it. It has a colony of albino donkeys. Its extraordinary natural heritage is protected by a National Park. Among the most beautiful beaches there are: North east – Cala D’Arena and south east – Cala S. Andrea. Admittance to the Park is regulated. (Information Tl+39 079 520 081).

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