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Sorso lies north of Sassari, including a long stretch of sea, called Marina di Sorso, on the Asinara Gulf, which can be reached going through beautiful vineyards and olive groves. Before Platamarra beach was added to it, the Marinara was the nearest seaside resort to people from Sassari. Today it continues to preserve its origin linked to farming traditions, offering its visitors the chance to try and buy the products directly from the farmers. Important are the archaeological findings. In nuraghic age the area now occupied by the present village and nearby territory was densely populated due to9 its happy position near the sea and the presence of many streams of water.
Currently at Bachileddi and La Varrosa two nuraghes are visible, while others are in Monte Cao, Corona Ruia, Monte Coini, Pala Cannedda. The only monument of nuraghic cult is Serra Viedda Sanctuary, located on an area of vineyards and olive groves that can be easily reached taking the secondary road to Lu Parunaggiu. Discovered in 1985, the presence of a village connected to it has not been ascertained. From it you can clearly see Monte Cau. The nuraghic votive offers are found mainly inside the well and the external area around the altar where the rites were celebrated, besides ceramics and precious amber beads, rings, bracelets, necklaces as well as daggers and 15 small bronze statues were found here.
Another important historic building is the high medieval roman area of Santa Filitica, located just a few metres from the sea on the coast between Porto Torres and Castelsardo, along the S.S. 200.
The site, only partially unearthed, consists of the remain of a Roman empire age villa, a Late 5th-6th century A.C. settlement, a Byzantine age village, testifying to the site’s long continuity of life, started apparently in the 3rd or 4th century B.C.

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arte e storia

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