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Capital town of Anglorra the area framed by the Asinara Gulf, Gallura, Logudoro and Sassari’s farming land, Castelsardo is also the area’s main centre. The town is famous for its historical centre, gathered on the promontory protruding into Asinara Gulf. Originally called Castelgenovese by the Doria family, it was renamed Castelaragonese by the Spanish and in 1727 the Piedmontese gave it its current name. The upper part of the ancient village, which can be visited on foot, is called Su Casteddu, while the plain at its feet, Sa Pianedda; among the old medieval village’s little streets besides its many little shops of crafts and local products, you can find the S. Antonio Abate cathedral and S. Maria church, famous for the LUNNISANTI parade, one of the island’s religious events (Easter Monday).
On the upper part of the promontory the Dorian fortress houses the Civico Museo dell’Intreccio Mediterraneo, dedicated to wearing, the local craftsmanship. South of Castelsardo at about 11 km, stands N.S. di Tergu church, in romanic-pisan style. At southeast, instead, lava rocks, while along the road to Sedini, at about 15 km, you can admire a “domus de janas”.

castelsardo mare e spiagge
castelsardo mare e spiagge
castelsardo mare spiagge
castelsardo mare spiagge

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