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Lago Coghinas

Created in 1927 by a dam in the most important river of Sassari province, lake Coghinas is the second largest artificial lake in Sardinia. The Coghinas River springs from Punta Palai in the Nuoro area, and in its first stretch, which flows parallel the mountain chain of Marghine Goceano, its called Rio Mannu di Ozieri.
In the Chilivani plain, after receiving the waters of two rivers, Rio Mannu di Orchiri and Rio di Berchidda, it starts becoming a river and takes the name Coghinas. After about 123 km it flows into the Asinara Gulf.
Although being an artificial basin, the lake has enriched the environment of Monte Acuto, making up the ideal habitat for many water species and birds, as well as being an important tourist resort.
Water skiing. Canoeing , fishing, bird watching are activities that a tourist can practice year round.
To that purpose the Comune has created on the lake baulks important tourist-sport facilities to practice water sports and horse-riding.
A road with a beautiful view takes to the Modern Centro Velico di Sa Panna, with a long quay equipped for many sports activities.
There are also many tracks leading to beautiful landscapes such as Monte Acuto ideal for open air activities.

Lago Coghinas
Lago Coghinas
Lago Coghinas panorama
Lago Coghinas panorama
Lago Coghinas veduta
Lago Coghinas veduta

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