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Festivals and Events

Cavalcata Sarda and Festa dei Candelieri

La Cavalcata Sarda was established in 1951, being one of the best known festivals of the island. During this festival of Sassari, hundreds of people in traditional costumes and horsemen parade along the roads of the city and the horsemen relive the cavalry charge, and doing a final gallop. An interesting occasion that takes place every year on the penultimate Sunday of May.
On the 14th August the Festa dei Candelieri takes place in Sassari. Its traditions go back to the 16th century. During this festival Corporations of Art and Trade parade from Piazza Castello to the S. Maria Church carrying nine wooden decorated candles, one representing each Corporation.

Sassari la piazza centrale
Sassari la piazza centrale
Sassari il Teatro
Sassari il Teatro
Sassari scorcio cittadino
Sassari scorcio cittadino

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