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Located at the feet of the promontory of Capo Figari Golfo Aranci has been the second access of Gallura to the sea since 1961. Besides the beaches near the town, on the way to Olbia you meet BAIA CADDINAS, with a little tourist port, followed by the enchanting coastal road of Cala di Sassari with the sandy beach of Spiaggia bianca, Cala Banana, Sos Aranzos, Terrata. Along the road to Porto Rotondo after about 10 km you find the beach resort of PUNTA MARANA and MARINELLA, enclosed to the north by the Promontory MONTE LADU. After PUNTA MARANA towards Golfo Aranci you can reach on foot or by boat the splendid beach of Cala Sabina. You cannot miss the fascinating itinerary of Campo Figari, a promontory located behind Golfo Aranci, facing the ISOLOTTO DI FIGAROLO (139mt), the lighthouse of CAPO FIGARI (342mt) were in 1928 Guglielmo Marconi inaugurated the Radio Bridge and the amplifying-plant of Cala Spada.

Golfo Aranci
Golfo Aranci
prima della sera
prima della sera

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