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Consorzio Costa Smeralda: Tel. 0789 935.000
Servizi Vigilanza C.S.: Tel. 0789 92.131-92.172
Yacht Club Costa Smeralda: Tel. 0789 902.200
Centro Velico: Tel. 0789 91.332
Autorità Marittima: Tel. 0789 94.498

In march 1962 a small group of international financiers, led by Prince Karim Aga Kan created the Consorzio Costa Smeralda with the purpose to develop tourism in the vast territory of Arzachena area, a 55 km long coast between Liscia Ruja and Liscia Vacca. A number of prestigious buildings were gradually built attracting an elite tourism, luxury hotels and exclusive villas became summer destinations for international high society and economic power members. This important project had from its very beginning the goal to preserve the territory beauty, by respecting special building criteria and architecture, full respecting the natural landscape. Therefore the “stile smeraldino” was born, greatly inspired to the characteristic buildings of Sardinia farmland which discreetly inserts itself among the rocks and the vegetation of the coast. The heart of his golden world is Porto Cervo made up by intricate little streets, arcades, and flight of stairs all converging into its famous Piazzetta facing the bay and connected by a small wooden bridge to Porto Vecchio, crowded by luxury boats and yachts. North of the bay, you can find Porto Cervo Marina, the large new tourist port, interesting for lovers of nautics with its particular architecture, including a granite, basaltic tower, and the Costa Smeralda YACHT CLUB. The charming and famous little church, Stella Maris enjoys a beautiful view: you can reach it though the majestic bronze doors created by the sculptor LUCIANO MINGUZZI. Inside there is a “Mater Addolorata” drawn by EL GRECO. The church hosts classical musical concerts and is considered the architectonic symbol of the coast.

luna piena su Stella_Maris
luna piena su Stella_Maris
per il mare
per il mare
stella maris
stella maris

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