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Capo d'Orso

From Palau, following the many indications, you can reach the feet of the famous Roccia Dell’Orso, already known in roman times and reference point for sailors. When the paved road reaches a curve to Cala Capra, you leave the car and walk along a path on the right. A ten-minute walk takes you to the monument, which gives the name to the promontory, which it dominates at about 122 mt above sea level. Among the most popular sites there is an enormous granite rock, which atmospheric agents have polished and transformed during the course of thousands of years until it got the shape of a bear. After climbing the bear you follow a road that descends to the sea arriving at Cala Capra, which houses a small dock protected from the wind. You cannot miss a visit to the gorgeous Vena Longa beach or Lido Di Portu Mannu a bay with crystal clear waters. Going on towards the lighthouse of Capo D’Orso you arrive at Cala Casotto, just past the Army Military Port. You can return to Palau through Cannigione-Arzachena passing over Barragge hill, arriving almost at the town centre or in Via Baragge at the railroad crossing.

capo d'orso
capo d'orso

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Capo d'Orso

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