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Tomba dei Giganti Li Mizzani

After a few km towards S. Teresa, you turn left and then left again at a crossroad after about 1 km. You go on for another 4 km until you meet an opening from where a signalled road on the right takes you to the tomb, located near Monte Canu. Probably dated back to the Medium Bronze Age (1600-1300 B.C.) it is the only one in the island, which has kept the stele in its original standing position, about 2.8 mt high. The tomb is 2.45 mt wide externally with a 6.10 mt long and 1 mt wide rectangular tomb chamber. This tomb, as others in Gallura, is often the destination of people who, affected by different pathologies seek benefits from its magnetic fields. At about 300 mt from the tomb, left of a sheepfold, you can find the lower fence wall and the entrance gate of the nuraghe Luchia, near the ruins of a nuraghic village.

scorcio di nuraghe
scorcio di nuraghe

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