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Capo Testa

From S. Teresa a road takes you after 5 km to Capo Testa promontory, characterized by spectacularly shaped granite rocks. Capo Testa is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus whose sides house Rena di Levante and Rena di Ponente – Baia di S. Reparata beaches. Going all the way to the end of the road taking you in the promontory you reach the Capo Testa lighthouse, from where you can trek down to the sea and the Cala Spinosa beach. Capo Testa is a training site for free climbing and scuba diving: you can dive from small inlet left of the lighthouse and a few hundred meters away you can find an old ship wreck of the 1970s.

il nido del falco
il nido del falco
rena bianca Santa Teresa
rena bianca Santa Teresa

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