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In the surroiniding of La Maddalena

From Cala Gavetta along the stretch to Punta Nido d’Aquila, beautiful to travel even by motorbike, some treks lead directly to the sea.
Going on along the coastal road a detour on the left arrives at Cala Francese and after about 300 mt, turning left again you arrive at Maddonetta dei Pescatori. The road goes on into the interior and Guardia Vecchia from where you can get to the little church called Chiesetta della Trinità and farther away the place called Case Susini, from where a track to the left takes you to Abbatoggia and at Villaggio La Maddalena, towards Cala Majore and Spiagge della Trinità, among the most beautiful opposite Spargi.
From Villaggio La Maddalena you can follow a north bound road, leading to Spiaggia Monti di Rena. Along the same road, further on, there is Cala Lunga and Cala Spalmatore from where you can go back to Case Susini and the town of La Maddalena.

Cala Corsara Arcipelago Mad
Cala Corsara Arcipelago Mad
La Maddalena trasparenze
La Maddalena trasparenze

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