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Arcipelago de la Maddalena

It is the closet island to the Sardinian coast. An American military base occupies the eastern part. On the western coast there is the beautiful Spiaggia del Pesce. Cala di Vela Marina is the ideal landing site, from where you can walk to some granite mines and an enormous unfinished statue of the fascist hierarch Costanzo Ciano. On the right you can see the Forte di San Giorgio or Forte di Napoleone Razzoli.
Facing Bocche di Bonifacio, it is not as popular as the other island because its cliffs are not fit for beach activities. It is dominated by the lighthouse, from where you can enjoy an excellent view over the entire Archipelago as far as Corsica. An easy landing point is Cala Lunga, from where a track leads you after 1.5 km to the lighthouse Santa Maria.
At the northeast of the group and separated from Razzoli by a Shallow strait (Passo degli Asinelli), it is the greenest island, with some private villas. On the eastern side there is the beautiful Cala di Santa Maria. In the northwest Passo Strangolato separates it from Isola di La Presa. In the east there is a sequence of little islands privileged refuge of many sea birds.

fantastica La Maddalena
fantastica La Maddalena

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