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With a surface of about 16 square km, and a 34 km coast, it is the most mountainous island of the Archipelago, being Monte Teialone (212 mt) its highest point.
A natural Reservation since 1981, it hosts Casa Bianca, Giuseppe Garibaldi’s home since 1856, today a Museum. From the intersection that leads to the Compendio Garibaldino, the road takes to the right to Golfo degli Stagnoli and further on to Porto Palma. Between Porto Palma and Punta Coda di Sardegna, there is the famous Centro Velico di Caprera. Going east, at Cala Portese, along the sides of a narrow isthmus, there is the so called Spiaggia dei due Mori and a little farther away, Cala Andreani and Spiaggia del Relitto. Going up the eastern side you meet a few other inlets among which Cala Brigantina and Cala Coticcio. Just over a mile east of Punto Coticcio, a series of rocks indicate the point of a large descent to the sea, the Monaci, an underwater environment among the most beautiful of the Archipelago, where it is easy to meet dolphins. On the opposite side, Cala Napoletana, Cala Caprarese, Cala Garibaldi and Cala Scaviccio. Also interesting are the abandoned forts, such as Forte di Monte Arbuticci, north of the island, the Batterie del Cervo, Candeo, Forti di Poggiu Rasu, above Cala Brigantina, Poggio Baccà and Forti di Punto Rossa.

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