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From Aglientu to Costa Paradiso

Low, harmonious rolling hills with some sharp peaks overlooking a red granite wild stretch of coast, and charming inlets with beautiful beaches: this is the bizarre landscape of Aglientu, Trinità D’Agultu and Vignola, Viddalba, Badesi.
Aglientu boasts a 22 km coastline, along which you find rocky promontories such as the pink granite round shaped Monte Russu protruding into the Asinara Gulf, and beautiful sandy beaches, such as Lu Litarroni, Vignola, Rena Majore framed by an enchanting sea. Animal trading port between Porto Torres and S. Teresa in Roman times, it has important historic origins, as testified by several nuraghes, distributed mainly on the coast and by the findings of stone tools dated to the old Neolithic.
An interesting itinerary leads to Tuttusoni and Finucchjaglia nuraghes built in a rare tholos shape at 1 km one from the other, and the visit to some country churches: S. Pancrazio, 5 km from Aglientu, (late 17th century), S. Biagio (1967 at 6 km, S. Giovanni (1930) at 10 km, San Silverio (late 1930s) near Maria di Portobello.
Built in the 19th century at 365 mt above the sea, Trinità d’Agultu dominates a wide stretch of sea that starting from the 1970s has become a popular seaside resort. You cannot miss visiting the nearby Vignola, north east of Trinità, lying on a stretch of coast between Cala Serraina and Porto Leccio, and the famous village Isola Rossa facing the homonymous island. Besides maintaining its sailor men village origin, Isola Rossa lies on a little bay, enclosing Spiaggia Longu.
Going on towards Punta Li Canneddi, you arrive at Sa Marinedda beach and immediately after, at Costa Paradiso which lies on the most beautiful sea of Sardinia with many beautiful beaches such as Li Cossi, where you can reach by means of a detour from the Trinità – S. Teresa road. Take an excursion to Tinnari, a peak from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view, before reaching with a 30 minute walk the homonymous beach.
At about 5 km there is the residential area of Portobello di Gallura followed by Porto Vignola, at about 20 km from S. Teresa di Gallura, with an impressive Spanish tower standing on the north west side of the cliff.

aglientu paese
aglientu paese
aglientu passeggiata
aglientu passeggiata

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