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Interno Gallura

Leaving the coast you head towards Interno Gallura spacing among granite mountains and the highest pick of the region: the Limbara. It is the kingdom of farmers and shepherds, cork-tree woods, pastures, granite houses. The historical capital is Tempio Pausania, the ancient capital of the Giudicato di Gallura, at the feet of Monte Limbara, and gathered around an historical centre rich in outstanding sites. Not too far at about 1 km away, you can see hidden in the green vegetation, the Fonti di Rinaggiu, whose waters were already well known by the Romans. The internal itinerary is divided in two paths: the first east of Tempio, with the first stop at Luras. This little village has recently seen growing a constant touristic and economical development, thanks to the presence of numerous Dolmen and Nuraghic-sites, and the thousand year old wild olive-trees, the Etnografico Museo and the Collezione Forteleone, a collection of works of art made in cork. Few minutes away from Luras, you reach Calangianus well known in the world for its cork with a craftsmanship industry that has hold the record for quality and quantity since the XVIII cent. The Comune, at about 518m above sea level, on a plateau that degreases towards the Liscia River, is part of the Regional nature Park. Going towards Olbia, after about 20km, you reach Telti, on the slopes of Monte Limbara, where you enjoy pleasant walks and excursions. Few minute drive will take you to Monti (see box). The second itinerary starts from Aggius, famous for its carpets weaving; a typical gallurese town located in a natural area among the most beautiful of Sardinia. Do not miss the Valle della Luna along the road leading to Trinità d’Agultu; the Laghetto di Santa Degna is ideal for picnics and short stops. From Aggius in few minutes you can go down to Trinità d’Agultu-Badesi with the beautiful sight of Costa Paradiso and Isola Rossa or you may go on to Luogosanto about 20km far, a quickly developing centre full of historical-archaeological sites. Then you arrive at S. Antonio di Gallura. Along a road boarding a great part of Lago Della Liscia, worthy of a visit being a large water basin that serves most of northern Sardinia.

Tempio Pausania
Tempio Pausania
Tempio Pausania il centro
Tempio Pausania il centro
Tempio Pausania veduta
Tempio Pausania veduta

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