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It develops on a territory that covers most of the south-eastern coast of Gallura, in connection with the homonymous lagoon. In the summer S.Teodoro becomes a circus of the night, with its many trendy bars, restaurants,clubs, pubs, discoes; its stalls and shops allow tourists to enjoy shopping till late at night.La Cinta, about 5 km long, is the most popular beach, not only because it is easy to reach from the village on foot, but also due to its white sand and crystal-clear water.Going towards Olbia you can finf other beaches. At Lu Fraili towards Puntaldia you arrive at a gorgeous little peninsula opposite S.Teodoro bay. Puntaldia has a 380 boat docking and a 9 hole golf course which attract high class tourists. Going north past Pontaldia you see the famous Lu Impostu beach and not to far from it there is Cala Brandichi, which is easy to access from the junction to Coda Cavallo. Going on you can reach other beaches, such as:Cala Suaraccia, Salina Bamba, Salinedda. Going back to the main road to Olbia you arrive at Monte Pitrosu; here you can turn to Lu Pitrali Hotel And then on to the most beautiful coastal sites of the area: Punta Molara with its Giardino della macchia mediterranea. Walking south, after one km, you reach first Cala Ginepro, then Cala Ghjlgolu. There you can see fascinating rocks smoothed by the sea and by the wind which created the Turtle rock (because of its turtle-like shape) and the one called Gallo di Gallura (shaped like a cock).

spiaggia della cinta
spiaggia della cinta
fenicotteri in laguna
fenicotteri in laguna

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Giardini di Punta Molara or della macchia mediterranea
Laguna of San Teodoro
Massiccio del Monte Nieddu
San Teodoro

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