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It is a big agricoltural centre on the edge of a little coastal plain at the feet of Monte Albo. This mountain is 1000 mt high and is an important destination for those who want to know the pastoral interior of Sardinia, with its fascinating sites and an stone area that looks like Moonstones. With an indented crest 20 km long, the mountain gets its name from the white colour of its calcareous rock. You can reach it driving along the main road to Looè and turning to Lula, through evergreen oak woods and maple tree groves. In Siniscola you can visit S.Giovanni Battista Church (18th-19th cent.) which preserves a memorial plaque with Jesus’footprints and a print of his body as well engraved.
Near the town you can see the splendid tourist sites of S.Lucia, a little ancient fishing village, and La Caletta, where a 7th century tower dominates the little tourist and commercial port. Many beautiful beaches lye on the coast from La Caletta to the south as far as Capo Comino-S’Ena ‘e Sa Chitta, a dream beach bordered by white dunes. South of them there is another beautiful beach, perhaps the most beautiful of the area, Berchida beach, along with Petra Marchesa and Bidderosa beaches. Nearby, at about 23 km from Siniscola and 7 from Lodè there is the Santuario Campestre dell’Annunciata (18th cent.), known as S’Annossata surrounded by traditional cumbessias, where every year a celebration takes place in the last decade of May.

Siniscola spiagge
Siniscola spiagge

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