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Its name means “beyond the mountains of the ditrict of Tacchi”. The territory is very spectacular and rough at the same time, strongly characterized by the mountains of Tacchi, among which Su Casteddu ‘e Jeni. It boast a bizzare peak called Dante, because it reminds the shape of the famous poet’s nose. In the territory there domus de Janas of prenuraghic period, nuraghes and an interesting tomba dei giganti found inthe village at Is Tostoinus. The village’s most representative monument is the beautiful S.Salvatore church, today called S.Girolamo, maybe from medioeval age, sorrounded by characteristic little stone churches where pilgrims coming for S.Salvatore’s Day found refuge. Another interesting site is not far from Niala, where you can see Su Tuvu Nieddu. Anatural bridge carved by S.Girolamo creek into the the calcareous rock. The railroad bridge of the green train to Lanusei, which crosses the Rio Sa Taula ravine is also a spectacular site near Niala.

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