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South of Tortolì, Barisardo and the nearby Cordedu stand very close to the sea. Along the nearest coast there is Marina di Bari, a tourist resort with a beautiful beach of very colourful pebbles , dominated by the homonymous tower. Towards south you meet Tramalitza beach, which extends as far as Cardedu, followed by Sa Perda and Marina Di Gairo beaches, Keeping going ti the south, the itinerari meets many beautiful granite inlets, dominated by Monte Cartucceddu (598) and the thick vegetation of Monte Ferru Di Tertenia and Capo D’Asta promontory, protuding over the beach bearing the same name. Past Monte Ferru you arrive at Valle del Rio Gattiu, a modest stream flowing into Coccorocci beach, among the most beautiful and fascinating place of Sardinia, made by colourful pebbles perfectly smoothed by the seawaters in the course of time.

scorci costieri
scorci costieri

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