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Sant'Antioco Archaeological Museum

In the strength and prepared structure of Mount Granatico, has a collection of neolithic findings, of the nuragic age, evidence of the Phoenician foundation of Sulci, the first Phoenician settlement in Sardinia. The most important evidence of ancient Sulcis is located in the upper part of the town at the ipogeica Punic necropolis (not open to the public) and about one km away, the Topheth, the Phoenician sacred place of Baal and Tanit where the families of the nobility sacrificed their firstborn children. The Topheth in all probability was a cemetery for babies, whose ashes were kept in urns. Some of these are kept in the archaeological museum. Opening times:
April/September settembre 9-13/15,30-19,30; October/March 9-13/15,30-18; info Tel. 0781 83.590-841.089

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