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Barbagia, besides the interior, boasts also a stretch of coast on the Tirrenean Sea, made up by Comune di Dorgali on the slopes of Monte Bardi, is particularly known for its leather craftsmanship, ceramics, goldsmith and the production of Cannonnau wine.
The town offers a visit to the 18th century parrocchiale di Santa Caterina and the Museo Civico Archeologico.
Heading towards the sea, you arrive at Cala Gonone, with its many beaches: Palmasera – S’Abba Meica, Cala Cartoe, to the north, Cala Ziu Martine, Fuìli and Ziu Santoru, to the south. At about 5 km south of the town you reach the “Grotte del Bue Marino” among the largest in Sardinia, about 5 km wide. A little further away, Cala Luna among the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterraneum with its white beach.
Still heading south, another charming sandy inlet, Cala Sisene. Towards Baunei, you meet Cala Birola, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritzè, all dominated by Capo Monte Santo. In the interior you find other caves, among which the huge Grotta di Ispinigoli, extending for over 19 km, housing a 38 mt stalagmite, the highest in Europe, at the base of a deep abyss called Abisso delle Vergini. South of the town there is Gola Di Gorroppu, impressive canyon with rocky walls more than 200 mt tall, and almost 20 km long.
Among the architecture there is the Babbu Mannu church (1662), the villaggio Nuragico di Serra Orrios, and the Tombe dei Giganti S’Ena e ‘Thones.

cala gonone
cala gonone

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