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Quoted for the first time in official documents in 1217 the Comune di Gairo is the only in the Tacchi D’Ogliastra district to boast a stretch of coast, with Marina di Gairo, wrere there are uncontamined beaches: Baccu ‘e Pratais, Su Sieboni, Cala e Luas with pink rocks and the dark rock beach called Coccorocci. There are many theories about the name’s etymology. From the phoenician locar (woods) to the greek kamos (warp – warping, wooling yarn). In 1951 a major flood compelled the village to move, nevertheless you can still visit Gairo Vecchio villave, The whole territory has preserved numerous pre-nuraghic (2500-800 B.C.) and Nuraghic traces, the latter testified by the presence of Is Tostoinus and Perdu Isu villages. You can enjoy many excursions in the mountain area among virgin woods and rich fauna.

Gairo panoramica spiagge
Gairo panoramica spiagge

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