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Because up to not too long ago it was virtually impossible to reach the mountains of Barbagia, this locality has only recently been discovered. It is quite a varied territory, extremely fascinating to visit, not only because its winding roads take you over the Gennargentu Mountains but also for the variety of coasts and splendid beaches framing a crystal-clear sea. The region is like an amphitheatre facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, with Supramonte and Codula di Luna river to the north and the mountains of Jerzu and Quirra hills to the south. The territory extends over about 1800 square km, alternating plains, plateaus, high mountains,creating spectacular landscapes. The area offers ideal vacations both to sea and mountain lovers. Ogliastra is also a territory rich in minerals, therefore it attracts people fond of minerals. Other natural factors which characterize the Ogliastrino Territory are the so-called Tacchi, imposing tower-like rocks, which are the remains of calcareous mountains smoothed by the waters; the red rocks of Arbatax and the beautiful coast of Baunei. The coast is truly beautiful, characterized by cliffs and reefs, large golden sandy inlets and a rich sea with a sandy bottom. With the villages in its interior (Baunei, Urzulei, Talana, Villagrande Strasili and Arzana), Ogliastra administers a great part of Supramonte and Gennargentu, Sardinia’s heart, a territory enriched by The National Park Of Gennargentu, which includes the mountains of Orosei Gulf.

Gairo spiaggia Coccorrocci
Gairo spiaggia Coccorrocci
Gairo sorgente
Gairo sorgente
Gairo panoramica spiagge
Gairo panoramica spiagge
colori di Sardegna
colori di Sardegna

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