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From Cabras and S. Giovanni di Sinis, you can easily reach a splendid and wide pinewood: the Sinis Peninsula, 20 kms. in lenght and 5 in breadth. Of international interest for its protected oasis, including a WWF area, these peninsula presents beautiful sandy beaches such as Porto Suedda and Is Aruttas, formed by the characteristic quartzose sand, and Is Arenas, well known for its length (6 kms.). Over the white cliffs nest several birds and typical flora, such as the viola of Sinis, Limonium and many others. Of high interest also many archaeological monuments, with nuraghic rests, Spanish towers, the hypogeum temple of S. Salvatore and the rests of the ancient village of Tharros. Part of Sinis Peninsula are also the Catalano cliff and Maldiventre island (the ancient Maleventius insula). The Maldiventre island, with a surface of 86 hectares, at 8 kms. from the coast, is entirely covered by a rich vegetation. The beauty of soundings, makes the area a protected Marine Reserve.

penisola del Sinis
penisola del Sinis
Penisola del Sinis veduta
Penisola del Sinis veduta
la penisola del Sinis
la penisola del Sinis

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