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Among the most enchanting Sardinian cities, Alghero offers a lot of cultural, enjoyable opportunities. It lies at the extremity of a large bay on the north west coast of the island. It is the centre of the Riviera del Corallo. Its coast (80 km) stretches from the Capo Caccia promontory to Poglina beach. The city was counded in the 12th century by Doria and conquered by the Aragones in 1300. Its inhabitants were Catalan, that is why presentday Alghero is also named Barceloneta (or little Barcelona).
Le Mura Catalane (Catalan walls) surround the ancient centre of the city, where you can take a pleasant stroll. Starting your visit from the central Piazza a Terra, where there is a war memorial and continuing on to Via Sassari and Via Mazzini, you reach Largo S. Francesco where Torre San Juani is located, then on to Piazza Sulcis where Torre dell’Esperò Reyal is. Or Dello Sperone, known as Torre Sulcis. Following the walls, you reach Torre di S. Giacomo opposite the N.S. Del Carmelo church. Crossing Lungomare Marco Polo, you reach Bastione del Mirador, which offers an enchanting view of the bay of Alghero. From the port you enter into Piazza Civica, where Palazzo de Ferrera (16th century) the Cattedrale di S. Maria can be seen. Nearby in Via Principe Umberto are the Casa dei Doria (16th century), Palazzo della Curia, Teatro Civico (1862) and La Chiesa della Misericordia. At the end of Via Carlo Felice there is the S. Francesco Church (second half of 4th Century) rebuilt in the 16th Century. 10 km from Baia de Porto Conte, a very beautiful inlet is the nuragic complex Palmavea, which is interesting to visit.
Along the road to Porto Torre you reach Necropoli di Anghelu Ruju. 10 km. south east along the road to Villanova Monteleone is the Cantoniera di Scala Piccada, with a panoramic view from Capo Caccia to the mountains of Nurra and as far as Sassari.
As far as the natural sites are concerned, thos not to be missed are: Grotte di Nettuno, reachable by a flight of steps (656 steps) overlooking the sea, Grotta Verde and Grotta Della Dragunara. Among the main beaches are Lido S. Giovanni, which reaches the port of Fertilia, also named Maria Pia, Punta Negra beach, towards Porto Conte, Le Bombarde and the Lazzaretto. Passing the fork in the road at Capo Caccia, a distance of 17 km., is Le Ville Romane Beach or Baja di Conte, followed by the Little Torre del Porticciolo and by Porto Ferro. Along the road to Bosa, 8 km. from Alghero, a small diversion takes you to La Speranza beach, ideal for windsurfing. Nearby places worth visiting arte Olmedo on the way to Sassari, Villanova Monteleone. The coastal road Alghero – Bosa offers an outstanding view, one of the most interesting panoramas of Sardinia.

alghero il porto
alghero il porto
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alghero fascinosa
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alghero magica

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