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The interior of ARZACHENA

The interior of ARZACHENA is rich in Prehistorical monuments testifying to a culture CALLED CIRCOLI MEGALITICI of the NEOLITHIC AGE. The Fist change to see some or them is at a couple of Km from ARZACHENA, going along the S.S.125 to Olbia and turning left when you meet a street sing at the intersection to Cannigione, leading to Nuraghe Albucciu.
Adjacent the road, on a low pick, the building semi-rectangular with smoothed corners, leaning on a granite stone which makes up the great part of its walls. Dated back between 1300 and 1900 B.C. the monument has both corridor and circular (tholus) shape. At the same height but on the opposite side of the road, a 20 minutes walk on a small path lead, after 3 gates, to the Tempietto Malchittu dated 1600-1300 B.C. Made up by an Atrium and a cult hall, it is unique in its kind AMONG all nuraghic building in SARDINIA. A bit to the side there is half ruined Nuraghe and lower to it there is a big circular hut located on a terraced opening.
Further away you can visit on impressive fortification called REGGIA NURAGICA, which can be best reached with an experienced guide. From ARZACHENA towards S.Antonio after 2 km on the left you can find the Tomba dei GIGANTI di Caddhy Vecchyu in the Capichera region. Dated back to the Bronze age (1600 B.C.) the tombs is made by an exedra and two cells, teaching the length of 14.50 mt, with central granite stele (4.04 mt height) the tallest known among this king of monuments Going along the Same Road, on the right after about 1 Km there is Nuraghe la Prisciona.
Going back to the province road, and taking the intersection to Luogo Santo a street sign indicates a left turning. After 2 Km, the path splits, leading to the Tomba dei Giganti di Li Longhi, the most important among the GALLURA’S ones. Located on a high plain that enhances its majestic sacrality, it reaches a length of 27 mt with an exedra of 26 mt and a 3.75-mt tall stele. The presence of two rooms at the back suggest that originally it might have been on “allée couverte” modified in later times. Going back and turning right at the intersection you arrive at Circoli di Li Muri an important necropolis from which the Cultura Dei Circoli di ARZACHENA or Cultura Gallurese derives. The Necropolis, dated back IV-III millennium B.C. is made of 4 adjacent circles of tightly fitting stones with a burial stone monument in the middle.

nuraghe serra e orrios
nuraghe serra e orrios
Luras Museo Etnografico
Luras Museo Etnografico
sa femina
sa femina

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