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At about one km towards Arzachena, a detour to the right takes to Porto Rafael, which you can reach admiring on your left the impressive Forte Altura. The little Santa Rita church announces the village. At its left a lane hidden by thick vegetation descends to the charming little square, facing a little beach, a true Mediterranean style sitting room. Words cannot describe it. It is a holiday resort well known for its exclusiveness and the quite atmosphere. Going back to the church and past the round about you meet the Punta Sardegna Yacht Club, which along with the Costa Smeralda Yacht club organizes the famous Trofeo Formenton Regade every year. Going on and taken a track on the left you reach the lighthouse of Punta Sardegna, overlooking Spargi island and Cala Corsara and further away a little watchtower. From here another track takes you to the beautiful and quite beach of Cala Di Trana. The access is possible also from the Palau-Santa Teresa road where you can leave the road and descend on foot to the sea. After returning toward Porto Rafael you go on towards the fort until you meet on your right a road signal indicating Costa Serena, arriving as far as the tourist resort on the sea side. The following intersection leads to Poltu Cuncatu, a small bay characterized by low granite reefs emerging from the water.

Palau Porto Raphael
Palau Porto Raphael
scorcio di Porto Raphael
scorcio di Porto Raphael
piazzetta di Porto Raphael
piazzetta di Porto Raphael

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